Analema Group is a London based Arts collective, founded by its artistic director Evgenia Emets in 2010. The members of the collective are artists Alain Renaud, Oliver Gingrich and David Negrao. Evgenia Emets is an artist, who creates installation and participatory performance work on the intersection of visual language, sound and poetry. Dr. Alain Renaud specialises in sound installations and sound design. Dr. Oliver Gingrich is an artist and researcher, working in the realm of visual technologies and media art. David Negrao is an artist, visual developer and creative coder. We create experiences on the intersection between art and technology.

We create experiences on the intersection between art and technology. Our mission is to reflect on the nature of perception, exploring the relationships between sound, colour, light, movement and form. Our participatory art fills the gap between performers and audiences, enabling them to question their senses and the boundaries of perception.


Olive Gingrich

Olive Gingrich, is an artist and researcher living in London. The artist displays across a range of different media, photography, digital art, acrylic on canvas and holographic projection. With the collective Analema  Group, the use of high-end technology results in immersive experiences for their audiences. Olive Gingrich studied Art and Technology at University of Applied Arts Vienna, and graduated with an MA in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins. Olive holds an Engineering Doctorate in Digital Media from the Centre for Digital Entertainment, at Bournemouth University and they are currently Programme Lead for the BA (Hons) Animation at University of Greenwich. Their work currently centres around light refractions, brainwave art, and the concentration on novel experiences of visual sound with Analema Group.


Alain Renaud

Alain Renaud started his career in music production and sound engineering in the USA after graduating from university there. He moved to London, UK in 2001 working as a strategist in digital content, working with record labels and music distribution companies. In 2005 he started a PhD. (AHRC funded) in networked interactions and telepresence at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen’s Belfast. Upon completion of his PhD, in 2008, Alain moved to Bournemouth University in the UK with the task of developing a cutting-edge music technology curriculum and research initiative. It led to the funding of the EMERGE lab, which has now become a prominent actor in developing synergies between digital art and major industry players. Alain moved back to Switzerland in 2014, where he co-founded a digital strategy think-tank, MintLab and a startup in digital events, Artanim Interactive, which won several innovation acclaims. He is now the CTO of tech startup Future Instruments, based at EPFL in Lausanne, passionately contributing to the development of cutting-edge events at the crossroad of technology and the arts. He is also responsible for the development of a state of the art recording studio at l’Abri, a cultural center at the heart of Geneva, developing a cultural program and training initiatives for young talents. He is still involved in several initiatives internationally, including the supervision of PhD. students in digital arts in the UK as well as a member of the Analema Group, a collective of digital artists showcasing and performing interactive installations in venues such as the Roundhouse in London.


Evgenia Emets

Evgenia Emets started as a photographer on the cusp of the growing photography movement in 2000 in Moscow. Her work gradually unfolded from direct portraiture to complex abstract and geometric work. In 2007, she moved to London and graduated with her MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art in 2008. She presented an immersive holographic and sound installation as her graduation work. In 2010 she founded Analema Group arts collective whose ongoing project KIMA explores the art and science of visual sound. Site-specific interactive performances and installation took place throughout 2013-2017 in the UK and Europe. Evgenia has been working on integrating poetry she has been writing since she was 14 into her art practice. She creates works on the intersection of sound and visual poetry through artist books, calligraphy, performance, and objects. She actively works with languages, drawing inspiration from possible hidden relationships and common roots between distant families. She often de-constructs language exploring its underlying meaning through the power of sound. Her recent poetry works were part of Analema Group’s performances, such as ‘The Wheel’ at the Roundhouse, ‘I Am’ at Baltic Art Form and ‘The Wave’ at l’Abri Fondation.


David Negrao

David Negrão’s professional path begins in 2003, when he participates in the visual fx for the Film Sorte Nula while he finishes the Course in Animation 2D/3D in the ETIC_ Escola de Tecnologias Inovação e Criação. One year later he attends a Cinema Course at Lusofona University that he leaves in order to start working as a freelancer in 3D animation for the areas of Film and Advertising. Then he develops his work on several animation studios as 3D generalist. In addition to 3D animation jobs, he starts gradually participating in multiple VideoMapping and interactivity projects. Currently he is also involved in the technical and creative potential of interactivity and proximities between the planes of the real and digital. Constantly inspired by nature and moved by curiosity, he is using visual coding to develop real time systems which allows linking art, nature and technology.