Royal College of Art

Kensington Campus, Jay Mews, SW7 2EU 

12.07.2019 – 18.07.2019

10am – 5pm (closed on Sunday)

Kate Smith Analema Group KIMA Voice 2019

Analema Group is excited to present KIMA: Voice at Event Two at the Royal College of Art. KIMA is presented as part of ART IN FLUX at Event Two, an exhibition by FLUX Events in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference (EVA), Interact Digital Arts and Lumen Art Projects.

Event Two is a landmark exhibition for which FLUX have curated a platform for contemporary new media artists. Building on the legacy of Event One, the very first exhibition of the Computer Arts Society at the Royal College of Art 50 years ago, the event will showcase not only original computational artworks from the Computer Art Society’s collection, but also ART IN FLUX, a selection of today’s most radical media artists. 

KIMA: The Voice is a participatory art piece that connects the audience to their own voice. The audience explores sonic relationships between their voices as geometric sound installation and in visual form.  Analema Group presents their state of the art research into relationships between sound and vision, mathematics and sound, the voice and harmonies.

Participants are invited to be part of a sonic and visual composition of The Voice – an ‘open work’ to which everyone can contribute. Human voices are connected with pure tones of the Fibonacci sequence, to invite the audience to find harmonies sonically and visually. Learning about the nature of their voices through interaction, the audience ‘vocal signatures’ are analysed for harmonious interactions between one another. KIMA: The Voice is an immersive sonic and visual tuner, an interface for meaningful vocal interplay, that reveals hidden properties of sound and the human voice, as a mesmerising Gesamtkunstwerk, the piece combines mathematics of sound with the beauty of harmonic interaction of the audience. 

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