KIMA – The Voice: Participatory art as means for social connectedness

KIMA: The Voice propose a sonic and visual composition as act of co-creation, an ‘open work’ to
which everyone can contribute. We invite participants to experience tonal harmonies between one
another. With KIMA: The Voice, we are looking to embed means and ways of measuring audience
participation during creative engagement.


Transmission – A Telepresence Interface for Neural and Kinetic Interaction 

Transmission is both a telepresence performance and research project – with the combined goal to transcend an abstract, very conceptual phenomenon to its audience: As real time visualisation tool, Transmission allows for alternate forms of representation of neural activity through sound and vision, investigating the effect of interaction on the human consciousness. As sonification project it creates an immersive experience for two users, a sound scape created by the human mind and the influence of kinetic interaction, of telepresence on consciousness. An EEG headset is interpreting users neural activity, an OSC script translates this data into a real time particle stream on the one, and a sound environment on the other side. A second user in a remote location is modifying this stream in real time through body movement. Together they become a telematic musical interface – communicating through a visual representation of their interactions.


Transmission – Sonifying, Visualising and Analysing Neural Activity through Telepresence – EVA 2013

Transmission is a telematic performance which allows for real time sonification and visualisation of brain waves and looks at the effect of interaction on the human consciousness. Users are equipped with an Emotiv EEG which enables them to perceive sonification and visualisation of their brain’s processing in real time. This visualisation is modified through another user’s movement in a remote location – the user’s consciousness becomes a new musical and visual interface played by a remote person. Transmission is both a research project on telepresence and a participatory audience tool.

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Enhancing Presence – Immersive Sound Environments as Presence Generating Factor 

This paper provides an overview of Kima – the Cymatic Musion Art project, a multi-modal networked installation, which suggests remote presence through the use of visualisation, remote sensing of sound and sound transformation. The installation is the outcome of research and work conducted by a team of artists and researchers with extensive experience in the field of telepresence. The paper firstly offers an introduction to Kima by outlining the artistic and technical objectives of the installation. Secondly, the paper offers a historical perspective of cymatics and telepresence and how both concepts relate to the installation. Thirdly, a technical overview of the installation is provided.


KIMA: A Holographic Telepresence Environment based on Cymatic Principles – Siggraph 2013

KIMA is a holographic surround-sound installation that visualizes telepresence as both a phonetic and a synaesthetic phenomenon. The performance piece is based on the physical conditions of cymatics–the study of physically visible sound wave patterns. Two environments, a quad surround and a holographic interface, build the framework of a telematic experience that illustrates communication as wave forms while focusing on the relationship between sound and matter.