KIMA at Incloodu Art Festival, 2015, London

Analema Group Incloodu 2015

KIMA explores alternate experiences of sound: here sound experiences were offered to the deaf community as a visual, and tactile experience of vibration going beyond the phonetic. Singing bowls and deep-sound Taiko drums were performed by Evgenia Emets and Nao Masuda. The audience was invited to create their own sounds and to observe its reaction as a visual representation in real-time. Simultaneously, Sub-Pack technology, wearable devices that translate sounds into frequencies that can be felt on our bodies, provided the audience with a physical, tactile representation of sound. This holistic experience of KIMA took the project onto a different level, creating visual, physical interactive representations of sound.

Credits: Evgenia Emets, Alain Renaud, Marcel Schwittlick, Oliver Gingrich

Performance: Evgenia Emets and Nao Masuda