KIMA at the Union Chapel, London, 2014


Sounds of the historic Henry Willis’s organ at the Union Chapel resounded across Union Chapel along  with live improvisations by key artists – sounds represented as visual cymatic shapes on the ornate hexagonal wooden ceiling of the Union chapel. The audience experienced sound as real-time mathematical representation of cymatic patterns, as contemporary musicians took the audience onto a journey of spiritual engagement, all the while playing, interacting and responding to the visual form, represented as immersive projection mapping piece above and around the audience. In one of the three pieces, the movement of the dance performance by Estella Merlos was tracked, diffusing the sound as response to her choreography.

Credits: Evgenia Emets, Oliver Gingrich, Alain Renaud, Marcel Schwittlick, Jackson Taylor

Performers: Claire M. Singer, Estella Merlos, Joby Burgess, Robert Ames, Laura Moody, Emily Burn