KIMA ‘I Am’ at Baltic Art Form, 2016, London

I AM.jpg

A sound performance with a choir and audience, of a poem ‘I Am’ written and performed in 5 languages: Russian, English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian. The poem is present in the space as a graphic score for the audience in the form of the rocks with a poem. The poem and performance  titled ‘I Am’ is created by Evgenia Emets, with a vocal interpretation by Ben Zucker.

The visual expression of  sound of the voices of the choir was video mapped onto the pillars of the church in the form of the visual patterns, reflecting smoke-like volatile motion, similar to breath.

Credits: Evgenia Emets, Oliver Gingrich, Alain Renaud, Paulo Ricca, Jackson Tayler

Performance by: Evgenia Emets, Kate Smith, Mārtiņš Baumanis, Uran Apak and the audience.